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Clarkson Piano: Piano Lessons & Pianos

Dedicated to SUCCESS in MUSIC and in LIFE!


Remembering Our Mayor, Friend, Supporter, Beautiful Human Being Hazel McCallion

Proudly remembering Clarkson Piano's decades-long friendship with our beloved mayor, Hazel McCallion. As newcomers to Canada, we enthsuiticaly offered our support to many incredible initiatives by Mayor McCallion. Boris' first performance at The City Hall was back in 1994, a few months after arriving to Canada, for a fundraiser/charity dear to the Mayor's heart - Alzheimer's Society of Peel. Since then, we have participated in and donated our time and music to many events. From opening ceremonies of Alzheimer Society's Day Centers, numerous Mayor's Levees and City hall Events to Mayor's Birthday Celebrations...

Colours and Seasons are as Beautiful as Our Passion for Music, Piano and Teaching is. Join us:)

905-822-0606                   [email protected]

A warm welcome to all from Boris, Vesna and Family

Everything in our lives is connected with the piano from our earliest childhood to today. The piano is what connected the two of us, too. 33 years ago. The piano study was an important activity that helped the upbringing of our children, now adults with multiple Academic credentials that we are so proud of!

Vesna and I feel very fortunate to have studied with truly fascinating teachers and artists. In addition, this beautiful piano and music life journey has connected us with a long list of World-renowned artists and educators providing invaluable, just incredible additional input and inspiration.

We very much enjoy sharing it all with our amazing students. Teaching is an enjoyable exchange, an opportunity for providing positive input and encouragement, helping students develop musical freedom, pride and appreciation for this gorgeous gift of music-making that we are fortunate to enjoy and share.

Our Studio setting and atmosphere reflects our love for what we do, wishing to create an inspiring, motivating music-learning environment...Thank you for being a part of it all!

Much more is ahead - looking forward to continuing our piano journey with you - Welcome to Clarkson Piano!

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Affordable Private Piano Lessons in Clarkson, Mississauga

"Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul..."


Welcome from Vesna!

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Your introductory lesson is FREE!

By visiting us, you are about to experience the beauty and the joy of piano and music making - gifts for life!

Your free of charge, complimentary first lesson (up to 30 min) is the opportunity to share with you our life-long passion and love for piano, is the opportunity to feel and experience our teaching environment, to present our goals and teaching philosophy and to help us decide together on the best teaching program that fits your needs!

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Clarkson Piano Studio - Programs and Options:

Piano Lessons Program:

Introduction, Early Beginner (age 5, up): 

Kids naturally love music! This course is carefully crafted to nourish that natural inclination. It introduces youngsters to the beauty and fun of music and piano without a pressure or serious practice expectations. This introductory course is taught in private or small-group lesson-format. Taught by an enthusiastic teacher this course becomes a fun interaction and exchange of thoughts while developing basics with focus on interest and appreciation for music and further study of piano.

Take advantage of our New Student Special Offer and introduce your child to the amazing World of Piano! Piano: FUN for LIFE! 

To enroll Contact David or Vesna at 416.837.7381

Piano Lessons:

Introductory and Beginner Levels, All ages:

We pay special attention to "HOW TO" introduce our beginner students to this truly magnificent world of piano and music. Our approach is tactful, gentle, considerate and focuses on much more than just the notes, scales and pieces. Our goal is our students' life-long involvement, friendship with and enjoyment of music. While others promote facilities, numbers and flashy/marketable features we wish to highlight our life-long passion and our love for what we do, our desire to share with our students our excitement backed by nearly three decades of experience. And more: we live with music, raising our own kids with music - today they are senior, award-winning university students, yet trained, Diploma pianists and teachers.

While current trends of technology age have seriously entered ours and our kids' lives, experts (and most importantly us, parents!) believe that there has never been more important time for nurturing those time-tested values - beautifully developed thru study of piano; family, sharing, patience, cooperation to name 

the few.  

To enroll Contact David or Vesna at 647-401-5111.

Why Private Piano Lessons?

Simply put - For the very best results!

In making a decision about our teaching format, we have not opted for the profitable group classes. Instead we have chosen PRIVATE LESSONS. Only by taking the PRIVATE LESSONS, will a student receive the individual attention and customized lesson plan tailored to the personal rate of progress.

Piano Lessons:

Private Lesson Program Popular/Leisure and RCM Program

Our private piano lessons are customized to our student's specific needs. There is no "one size fits all" approach at Clarkson Piano. The best thing about our private lesson teaching format is that we start by listening to your needs followed by the customized program that fits best a particular student's needs and desires. Aside from The Royal Conservatory of Music Program, we are happy to provide lessons to children, teens and adults interested in more relaxed, leisure piano. However, even for that teaching approach we use proven, well-known methods such Bastien, Fletcher, Berlin, Alfred's, Faber & Faber and more.

(image showing Vesna with Randy Faber at the Event in Toronto - A Master Class and Workshop, August 2014)

We teach The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Program - About The RCM Program:

"The Conservatory provided my teachers with a format that they followed to give me a solid grounding in classical music. From a base like this one can go anywhere."

Paul Schaffer, Music Director CBS Orchestra

The Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum is an easy-to-follow, comprehensive teaching program that incorporates all that is essential to transform a student beginner into a skilled musician and pianist. Behind the RCM curriculum is over a century of experience, generations of students and teams of finest educators in constant search for the very best in the musical educational field. In simple terms, Canadian, Royal Conservatory of Music program is a true hallmark of the quality music education, thought coast-to-coast and recognized internationally. RCM is the only program that offers high-school credits, tax and RESP benefits. Most of all- we are convinced that the RCM program is a well-structured, comprehensive teaching program that successfully balances the values of the traditional music instruction with the expanded needs of the 21st century student. 

To enroll contact David or Vesna at 416.837.7381

I invite you to take part in preparation and completion of a piano and theory examinations with The Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations. Students who use the curriculum of The Royal Conservatory of Music are following a well-balanced course of study, that blends the century-long tradition with Innovation and is internationally recognized.

The self-discipline developed by setting and working towards the goal of an examination will be valuable in all other aspects of a student's life.

The positive and constructive feedback received after each examination is designed to contribute to student's sense of accomplishment and to help setting future goals. As your local RCM Examination preparation centre, I look forward to making the examination experience a positive one for students, parents and us - teachers! If you have any questions about RCM Examinations and the examination system, do not hesitate to contact me or call us at 416.837.7381 - Welcome!

Private Piano Lessons for Adults:

Music is forever! It's never too late. Decide on the style of music and your rate of progress: Doing it just for fun and love of it or should you wish to study the RCM Program and prepare for RCM exams (NO age limit!) - we are here and ready for you!

Piano can be enjoyed throughout life: adults and seniors that play the piano or participate in piano study benefit greatly from music's soothing, stress-relief effect, experience far less loneliness and depression... In fact, the international medical community suggests a strong link between healthier life and participation in piano - from lower blood-pressure, better memory skills, active social life the better quality of life!

The scientific and medical communities recognize and promote the beneficial effects of piano study and participation in music that, remarkably, helps even those challenging conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and dementia. Please visit the link connecting to the PBS article and program: " When memory misses a beat, music can offer dementia patients new meaning"

To enroll contact David or Vesna at 416.837.7381

To join us and reserve the best day and time please contact David or Vesna at 416.837.7381 or fill in the form below: 

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To enroll just call: 416.837.7381